Are There Different Kinds of Plumbing & Sewer Service?

Drain Lining ServiceA leak detection plumbing service will generally include the likes of reading water meters. This is an excellent indication of a water leak. However, looking for a leak could take several hours of the plumbing & sewer service provider’s time, and may include cutting holes in the walls to inspect pipes and their corresponding fittings. The likes of grease, food, hair, etc., will all eventually block up drains, which is why you will need to call in a professional plumbing service provider to clear your drains and pipes, using either a rooter machine, plumbers’ snake or hydro jetting.
Rooter machines come with oscillating blades that have cables which rotate and clear out blockages. Plumbers’ snakes, also known as augers, will be pushed into a pipe to clear blockages. They come in various different lengths and some will even have a camera attached, so the drain cleaning professionals are able to see within pipes better. Hydro jetting uses high-pressure water to clean out and unblock pipes, septic systems and sewer lines.

When garbage disposals are worn out due to usage, a plumber could install a new one or repair the old one. Repair of damaged garbage disposals ranges from replacing damaged parts or replacing the whole unit. Water heater replacement is also a common emergency call, which most plumbers will receive. Replacing a water heater will take around 3 hours to do, and it is a specialized service that should be left to professionals.

Tree roots often smash through sewage pipes, which in turn causes toilet backups. Plumbers will use their snakes to look into a pipe, in order to determine exactly where the roots are, so they can remove them. Re-routing pipes is sometimes needed during remodeling jobs or when pipes are too old. A plumber will be the one to do this because this usually means changing the pipe configuration.

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